Instead of having to invest in a fixed water or process liquid treatment installation, Chemviron provides an alternative solution. The CYCLESORB® range of mobile carbon filters are designed for purification and decolourisation applications at water works, waste water plants and in industrial processes.

The CYCLESORB® range of mobile carbon filters are designed as a combined on-site carbon adsorber as well as a transport vessel for movements on and off site, so eliminating the need for exchanging the activated carbon on site. We are happy to recommend the most appropriate carbon for your application.

Low capital expense and flexibility - CYCLESORB® filters are supplied on a service or lease rental basis, so avoiding investment in fixed installations. 

PLUG AND PURIFY - CYCLESORB® filters are designed for rapid installation and ready for immediate start up as they are delivered with the activated carbon already installed.

Prompt availability - CYCLESORB® filters are normally available for prompt delivery. We have a range of filters that can meet your needs.

Easy carbon exchange - There is no need to empty or refill the vessel on your site as the CYCLESORB® filter can simply be exchanged with a replacement one, once used. 

Complete service – The spent or used carbon can then be reactivated in our own carbon reactivation or recycling facility, ensuring the safe destruction of any contaminants and providing an effective zero-waste solution.

View our Range of CYCLESORB® mobile carbon filters:

For water or liquid applications with a potential high carbon use rate or higher flow rates, visit our CYCLESORB® MA20 page.

For water or liquid applications with a potential lower carbon use rate or smaller flow rates, visit our CYCLESORB® HP page.

For the treatment of more corrosive liquid streams, visit our CYCLESORB® MA2 page. 

Please note - For the removal of solvents, VOC’s and odour from air, we are also able to provide a mobile carbon filter service – CYCLEVENT® range of mobile carbon filters.