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Personnel Air Protection

Chemviron provides a diverse portfolio of specialty and impregnated activated carbons for various personnel protection applications. These include activated carbon for industrial, civilian, and military respirators as well as collective filter applications.

Impregnated Activated Carbon Technology Designed for You

Activated carbon is a highly porous material that removes organic contaminants from liquids and gases. However, to enhance its performance for removal of inorganic contaminants, activated carbon must be impregnated with a selected range of chemical compounds or metal salts to chemically neutralize these hazardous contaminants and make the air safe to breathe. 

Selection of a suitable activated carbon base, with the addition of tailored impregnants, enables Chemviron to customise the activated carbons to meet specific performance requirements and standards. These impregnated carbons can be tailored to meet the most challenging conditions and environments critical for respirator, collective protection and for various industrial and home air filter applications. Chemviron will propose the most appropriate carbon according to the desired challenges and gas performance requirements defined by our customers.

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Industrial and Home Air Purification

Some activities (such as cooking) and items (such as new carpeting or furniture) used in the home, work or office environment can generate unpleasant or potentially harmful gases that require removal. 

These contaminants may include formaldehyde, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and PFAS. Chemviron provides a variety of products in a wide range of sizes to be installed at the air intake or home air filters to ensure a safe and healthy home or workplace.

New Challenges in Personal Protection

With constantly changing threats from terrorist incidents and military conflicts, the roles of both the armed forces and the front-line emergency services have had to adjust accordingly. One of these challenges is the level and type of personal protection and respirators required.

Respirators used in civilian or industrial environments are designed to give protection against a range of industrial chemicals, whereas the armed forces traditionally have required protection against military chemical weapon agents (CWA).  However, with the potential use of CWAs in terrorist incidents and the potential use of toxic industrial gases in military conflicts, the requirements for each sector have merged. This required a reassessment of the desired capabilities of the gas mask for its intended applications.

For civilian applications, Chemviron manufactures a range of chromium-free respirator grade carbons designed to provide protection against individual inorganic and organic vapours as well as a variety of toxic industrial chemicals including ammonia. For multi-gas protection, Chemviron provides further specialised grades following European and international standards.

For emergency and first response teams who require enhanced protection over standard respirator carbons, Chemviron developed several new generation products that are designed to meet specific CBRN requirements or enhanced for specific applications. 

For collective filter applications which require coarser mesh carbons, Chemviron provides alternative carbon grades with specific gas performance capabilities.


Military and developing challenges

Chemviron and Calgon Carbon have a long history of protecting and defending military personnel and first responders with our industry leading activated carbon products. As the original manufacturer of chromium-based carbons for this application, the company produced and provided these carbons to the military for over 50 years. Then in the 1990s, the company developed chromium-free alternative impregnated carbons which remain the industry standards today. 

Chemviron is a leading producer and provider of specialised activated carbons for military and civilian applications and has pioneered the development of novel activated carbons to meet every new challenge. In an environment where there is no room for failure in performance or supply, it is critical to rely on products that have been used, trusted, and have excelled in performance for over half a century. 

Why choose Chemviron as your Carbon Technology Provider?

Chemviron has been pioneering advances in activated carbons for personal and collective protection filters since 1942. Over its history, the company has developed extensive in-house expertise and development capability experience that ensure that our activated carbons and activated carbon cloth provide effective solutions against potentially harmful vapours, gases, air particles and dust for use in personal protection. Chemviron’s service includes:

  • Technical support to advise on the appropriate activated carbon for the performance standards required – contact a representative to find out more.
  • Chemviron has the industry’s largest R&D group with dedicated personnel developing new and innovative carbons. This combined with an in-house vapour phase testing laboratory to assess their performance capabilities ensures that Chemviron can provide the most effective product for the challenge required.
  • The production of chromium-free impregnated carbons in both Europe and the US and the provision of a rigorous quality control process ensures the delivered carbon is of the highest consistent quality and performance.

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