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Chemviron provides a comprehensive purification service for the adsorption of harmful contaminants from air and water using our mobile carbon filter service, activated carbon technology and recycling of the spent activated carbon.

Preserving the environment and keeping our air and water clean and safe are fundamental to protecting human health and preserving our planet’s future. At Chemviron, we provide a range of solutions to remove pollutants that would otherwise be released into the environment.

Remediation with Activated Carbon Technology

Contaminated ground through historical industrial land use, underground storage tanks, or accidental spills may contain non-biodegradable organic chemicals such as PFAS, pesticides, and other harmful contaminants of emerging concern that can have an environmental impact.

Remediation of these contaminated sites can generate polluted wastewater and hazardous airborne contaminants produced by soil vapour extraction, soil venting or air stripping. 
Adsorption onto Chemviron’s activated carbon is a highly effective solution to remove these harmful contaminants from water or to capture organic pollutants from the air and prevent their discharge into the environment. Chemviron’s activated carbon technology makes the treatment simple, reliable, and has proven to be an effective purification solution for many years.

Why choose Chemviron as your Solutions Provider?

From the early days of skid-mounted vessels, through standard containerised units and to the current custom-designed mobile carbon filters, Chemviron has developed the capabilities to understand and meet customer expectations. 

Extensive expertise and a detailed understanding of customer requirements have enabled Chemviron to provide a complete purification and recycling (reactivation) service to help operating facilities meet demanding air and water discharge regulations.

Chemviron provides a complete package of remediation purification solutions which include:

  • The provision of high-quality activated carbon, supplied by our company, the world’s largest producer of activated carbons, and selected for the application, which is preinstalled into the mobile carbon filter.
  • Replacement of the used carbon filter with a fresh unit, removing the need for the exchange of spent carbon on-site.
  • This spent carbon can be returned, in most cases, to one of Chemviron’s recycling facilities for reactivation and reuse.

Why is Chemviron your Sustainable Service Provider?

Chemviron is the world’s largest recycler (or reactivator) of activated carbons and has carbon recycling facilities across Europe. The company’s continued commitment to expanding its reactivation capabilities has enabled Chemviron to develop state-of-the-art processes to recycle activated carbons, reducing the impact of our CO2 footprint.  

Through the development of such comprehensive in-house operational expertise, the carbon is then thermally recycled or reactivated via one of Chemviron’s custom-designed carbon reactivation furnaces. These furnaces enable Chemviron’s engineers to have high control over the process operations to enable the destruction of the adsorbed contaminants while restoring the spent carbon to a reusable state.

Combining reactivation with Chemviron’s specially designed and high-quality activated carbons means that customers can benefit from a cost-effective and sustainable air or water purification solution.  

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