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Food & Beverage

Chemviron provides comprehensive purification solutions to remove impurities or colour from food and beverage processes using our specialised activated carbons, recycling spent activated carbons by reactivation, and our mobile carbon filter service.

Many food or beverage products incorporate a purification step to remove colour contaminants, taste and odour constituents generated in the process or the source water used to create the final product. Chemviron provides a range of consistently high-quality activated carbon products that enable the cost-effective and proven removal of these contaminants and, if required, can custom recycle the spent activated carbon for reuse in the same process.

Activated Carbon Technology for Colour Removal or Purification

Several food additives such as sweeteners, sugars and corn syrups, food and amino acids and glycerin require decolourisation, purification or removal of unwanted by-products in the final manufacturing stages. Removal of these compounds and the decolourisation of the raw material is accomplished using activated carbon which is highly effective and reliable to meet the required purity and trace colour standards. 

Chemviron has also developed specialised grades of activated carbon to remove polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and unwanted contaminants for the edible oils industry.

In the bottling and brewing industry, it is important to remove undesirable colour, taste and odour from fruit juices, juice concentrates, wine, malt beverages and distilled liquors. Chemviron high purity activated carbons are the ideal solution for this application. In addition, the water used in these processes may also require dechlorination, the removal of trace organics or residual tastes. Chemviron activated carbons are highly effective at purifying the water used in this industry. 

Chemviron will propose the most appropriate activated carbon according to their inherent properties and the requirements of the process.

Contact our dedicated technical services team to discuss potential treatment solutions. 

Why choose Chemviron as your Carbon Technology Provider?

Chemviron is the world’s largest manufacturer of granular activated carbons that have been purifying air, water, food, and beverage for over 80 years. Being a producer of coal, coconut and wood-based activated carbons engineered for every application uniquely positions Chemviron to select the best product and solution.

Throughout its long history, Chemviron has developed extensive specialised expertise and experience to provide practical and technical support for sugar and food processers. 

  • Expertise and technical support to advise and help you find the most efficient solution best suited to your process – contact a representative to learn more.
  • Laboratory scale evaluations and testing facilities, or pilot units for on-site testing, to assess the optimum operating conditions which are invaluable in determining the most optimum solution.
  • The provision of consistent quality, high purity activated carbons, selected for your application and supplied by Chemviron.
  • Once used, the spent activated carbon can be custom reactivated for relevant applications. This process means that a customer’s spent activated carbon is recycled and returned for reuse in their specific food process.
  • Chemviron provides high levels of safety assurance for the food industry as our site in Feluy, Belgium, is ISO 22000 accredited for Food Safety Management.
  • Mobile carbon filters from the extensive CYCLESORB® fleet, prefilled with the selected activated carbon, are available on a lease basis, promptly delivered, and installed on-site for immediate use. 

How is Chemviron Sustainable?

Chemviron is the world’s largest recycler (or reactivator) of activated carbons and has carbon reactivation facilities across Europe. The company’s continued commitment to expanding its reactivation capabilities has enabled Chemviron to develop state-of-the-art processes to recycle activated carbons, reducing the impact of our CO2 footprint.  

The spent activated carbon is thermally recycled and reactivated in one of Chemviron’s custom-designed carbon reactivation furnaces. Expertise that has been developed over years of servicing the food industry ensures that our food-grade reactivated carbons remain of a high quality. 

Combining reactivation with Chemviron’s specially designed and high-quality activated carbons means that customers can benefit from a cost-effective and sustainable purification solution.

Contact Our Dedicated Technical Team For More Information.