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Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Chemviron provides a comprehensive purification service to remove colour and byproducts in industrial processes using our specialised activated carbon technology, recycling spent activated carbons by reactivation, and our mobile carbon filter service.

Many manufacturing processes demand cost-effective purification or decolourisation of chemical and pharmaceutical liquids. Chemviron’s high-performing activated carbon solutions meet our customers’ most challenging treatment objectives and provide critical economic benefits when used in colour and other contaminant removal, catalysis, and off-spec product or byproduct purification. 

Why Use Activated Carbon Technology for Purification?

The processing of specialty and liquid chemicals often require a purification stage to remove unwanted impurities from the product or off-specification batches. A properly designed and implemented activated carbon solution is highly effective at meeting demanding industrial purity standards with the adsorption and removal of a wide range of trace impurities, specific organic chemicals, unwanted colour, odour, or just as a general polishing step. The list of chemicals, intermediates and raw materials purified using activated carbon is immense. The technology is reliable, simple, and is proven to be an effective solution.

Chemviron provides a range of high purity granular and powder carbons that consistently demonstrate a high effectiveness for the purification and/or colour removal from a range of liquid chemical or pharmaceutical ingredients. Specific grades are acid washed to create high-purity activated carbons suitable for working in acidic or speciality applications.

Chemviron’s technical expertise and experience ensure the most appropriate and cost-effective activated carbon according to its inherent properties and the process application requirements.

Why choose Chemviron as your Carbon Technology Provider?

Chemviron is the world’s largest manufacturer of granular activated carbons that have purified air, water, and liquid chemicals for over 80 years. Being a producer of coal, coconut and wood-based activated carbons engineered for every application uniquely positions Chemviron to select the best product and solution.

Over its history, Chemviron has developed extensive in-house expertise and experience to develop cost-effective and innovative solutions for new industrial and commercial manufacturing processes to provide a comprehensive purification solution.

  • Technical support to advise on the appropriate activated carbon and service solution for the application – contact a representative to learn more.
  • Provision of laboratory-scale testing, or pilot units for site testing, to determine the optimum operating conditions. These prove invaluable in identifying the most efficient solution for the challenge.
  • The provision of high-quality activated carbon selected for the application and supplied by our organisation.
  • Once used, the spent activated carbon can be custom reactivated for applicable applications. The process means that a customer’s spent activated carbon is recycled and returned for reuse in their manufacturing process.
  • Mobile carbon filters from the extensive CYCLESORB® fleet, prefilled with the selected activated carbon, are available on a lease basis, promptly delivered, and installed on-site for immediate use.
  • The used carbon filter is replaced with a fresh unit, removing the process of exchanging spent carbon on-site. 

How is Chemviron Sustainable?

Chemviron is the world’s largest recycler (or reactivator) of activated carbons and has carbon reactivation facilities across Europe. The company’s continued commitment to expanding its reactivation capabilities has enabled Chemviron to develop state-of-the-art processes to recycle activated carbons, reducing the impact of our CO2 footprint.  

The spent activated carbon is thermally recycled or reactivated via one of Chemviron’s custom-designed carbon reactivation furnaces with robust abatement systems. Expertise developed over years of servicing the chemical and pharmaceutical industry ensures that our reactivated carbons remain high quality. 
Combining reactivation with Chemviron’s specially designed and high-quality activated carbons means that customers can benefit from a cost-effective and sustainable purification solution.

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