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Activated Carbon

Chemviron is the world’s largest manufacturer of granular activated carbons that have purified air, water, and liquid chemicals for over 80 years. The first activated carbon products from bituminous coal were created by the company in the 1940s for use in military respirator applications and Chemviron has been a pioneer in developing advanced products and services for air and water purification ever since. Chemviron’s product portfolio provides carbon technologies that are used in over 600 distinct market applications. These include purifying air and gases, drinking water, wastewater, food additives and decolourising food & beverages, and liquid chemicals. Chemviron activated carbons come in many forms and types which are described in the following sections:

Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC)

The Chemviron manufacturing process is designed to produce re-agglomerated bituminous coal-based carbons which have been shown to have superior performance in numerous applications, particularly for the purification of water. 

This re-agglomeration process is designed to provide high activity, durable granular carbons that are designed for multiple reactivation cycles and able to be recycled for reuse whilst retaining their key high quality, and operational properties. 
The Chemviron re-agglomeration process provides higher performing activated carbons, enhanced sustainability benefits through reactivation which provides overall cost benefits to our customers.

Chemviron also produces catalytic activated carbons which have enhanced properties over standard activated carbons for the removal of chloramines, hydrogen sulphide, and many other difficult-to-remove contaminants in the liquid and vapor phase. These include the range of Centaur® granular carbons. 

Powder Activated Carbon (PAC)

As one of the largest manufacturers of powdered activated carbons, Chemviron produces in multiple European locations, using a selection of specific coal, coconut, and wood-based feedstocks. Chemviron’s wood-based activated carbons, produced from renewable raw materials, are known for their exceptional capacity for adsorption and filtration in purification and decolourisation applications. Not only do we have a wide variety of feedstock options, but we also have the technical know-how and manufacturing capability to produce high-capacity and high-filterability products. So, whatever your powdered activated carbon needs, Chemviron can provide a product designed specifically to provide a solution with unrivaled performance.

Pelletised Activated Carbon

Chemviron provides a broad range of pelletised or extruded coal and coconut-based activated carbon, in a range of diameters and activities. These products are designed to provide a pore structure and adsorption properties appropriate to specific applications.
Their high activity makes them ideal for many vapour phase applications such as removing volatile organic compounds VOCs from air and solvent recovery applications when the species has value.

Activated Carbon Cloth

At our dedicated production plant in the UK, Chemviron produces activated carbon in the form of activated carbon cloth which is produced in woven and knitted forms. The FLEXSORB® cloth is 100% activated carbon and has a microporous structure which results in rapid adsorption kinetics and the capability to adsorb to a higher level of purity.

This technology was initially pioneered for advanced wound care and military protection suits but has been found to also exhibit very high performance in specialty air filtration applications.

Specialised Impregnated Carbons

At our specialised carbon production facility in the UK, Chemviron impregnates both granular and pelletised carbon with a range of chemicals to provide enhanced purification properties for specific applications. These include a range of specialised carbons for respirators, collective and personal protection filters as well as a series of carbons for industrial air filters and biogas and biomethane applications.

We also offer impregnated carbons in a range of product sizes appropriate for Cabin Air Filters (CAF), non-woven filter applications and home air filters.
For pollutants such as hydrogen sulphide, formaldehyde, phosphine, arsine, ammonia, nitrogen dioxide or other similar contaminants where standard base carbons are less effective, why not contact us to learn about how one of our impregnated carbons may provide a better solution?

Acid-Washed & High-Purity Carbons

For high purity, pharmaceutical or low pH applications, Chemviron produces a range of acid-washed coal, coconut and wood-based carbons with low pH or low acid soluble iron contents.

For selective air treatment applications, Chemviron also supplies acid-washed coconut-based carbons for treating air streams containing sensitive VOCs such as ketones.

Specialised carbons for energy storage

Kuraray has had over 40 years of experience in the energy storage market and its YP and Kuranode product series are the industry standard for activated carbons used in ultracapacitors, lithium-ion batteries, and sodium-ion batteries. With our joint commitment to R&D and quality, we are continually developing superior-performing products to revolutionize the market with superior electrochemical performance and high purity.

Carbon molecular sieves

Chemviron manufactures a range of carbon molecular sieves from coconut shell bases designed to have a high selectivity for separating nitrogen from oxygen.

Why choose Chemviron as your Technology Provider?

Chemviron has an exceptional production capability for manufacturing a wide range of activated carbons and so provides a long-term critical security of supply for products highly effective for removing a variety of contaminants from water, air, liquids, and gases. 

To simplify carbon use and provide a complete solution, Chemviron granular and pellet carbons can be provided in mobile carbon filters both for liquid phase and gas phase applications that minimize expense and burden to our end-users.

Once used, the spent granular or pelletised activated carbon can be thermally recycled or reactivated in one of Chemviron’s custom-designed carbon reactivation furnaces, for reuse in similar applications and reducing the CO2 footprint of our technology. Combining reactivation with Chemviron’s specially designed and high-quality activated carbons means that customers can benefit from a cost-effective and sustainable purification solution.


Chemviron remains an innovator in developing new or modified carbons and new uses for activated carbons, providing practical expertise and technical support to enable the most effective application of the activated carbon. With Chemviron, you get the expertise of an industry leader in activated carbon backed by a service you can trust.

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