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The Purification Solutions Provider

About Us

Chemviron develops and applies activated carbon and filter aid technology to optimise production processes and to protect people and the environment from harmful contaminants in water, air, food, and industrial processes.

Chemviron, a Kuraray company and European Operations of Calgon Carbon is the leading global manufacturer and supplier of activated carbons, filter aids, innovative treatment systems and services for optimising production processes and safely purifying the environment.

Chemviron is the world’s largest manufacturer of granular activated carbons

Which have been used for purifying air, water, sugars, and liquid chemicals for over 80 years. Being a producer of not only coal, coconut, and wood-based activated carbons but also diatomaceous earth and perlite filter aids, uniquely positions Chemviron to select the best product and solution.

Over 100 different types of activated carbon are available for applications including drinking water, wastewater, sweetener, pharmaceutical, air and gas purification (natural gas and biogas).

Chemviron is also the world’s largest recycler (or reactivator) of activated carbons and has activated carbon reactivation facilities across Europe enabling the safe destruction of the adsorbed contaminants while restoring the spent carbon to a reusable state. Combining reactivation with Chemviron’s high-performance activated carbons means our customers benefit from a sustainable purification solution, reducing their CO2 footprint.  

Chemviron’s mobile carbon filters combine an on-site carbon adsorber and transport vessel for movements to and from the site and are widely used in air, biogas, water, and liquid applications.

Chemviron’s technical expertise and experience across a wide range of European industries enable our engineers to provide the most appropriate and cost-effective activated carbon and service solution for your application. From drinking water and wastewater treatment to VOC emission control and food and chemical processing, Chemviron has the experience and capabilities that provide value to your business every day, anywhere in the world.

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