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Biogas & Biomethane

The CYCLEVENT® MACH4 range of mobile filters are designed as a combination of transport vessel and carbon adsorber principally for VOC removal and H2S treatment in biogas installations.


The CYCLEVENT® MACH4 filters

Are designed to treat higher biogas stream flows and are delivered and then located on site with a specially designed trailer. 

CYCLEVENT®FootprintCarbon Volume (m³)Max. Flow Rates (m³/hr)Max. Pressure (barg)
MACH4-X2.4 X 2.4 mUp to 22m3Up to 3350Nm3/h0.45

The smaller CYCLEVENT® MACH4S filter

Is designed for lower biogas flow rates and may be moved around site with a forklift. 

CYCLEVENT®FootprintCarbon Volume (m3)Max. Flow Rates (m3/hr)Max. Pressure (barg)
MACH4S1.2 X 1.2 mUp to 2m3Up to 2000Nm3/h0.45

For practical support in assessing the most appropriate carbon filter for your site and application, please contact our technical sales team who will be pleased to recommend for you, an optimal CYCLEVENT® solution. For more detailed information on these CYCLEVENT® MACH4 filters, please send us a request.

Contact Our Dedicated Technical Team For More Information.