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Biogas & Biomethane

Our customised CYCLEVENT MACH mobile carbon filters, combined with our European production of specialised H2S removal carbons, provides a cost effective and effortless treatment service for Biogas and Biomethane Upgrading applications.

To have Biogas as an effective source of renewable energy production, it must first be treated to remove contaminants such as siloxanes and hydrogen sulphide (H2S). Chemviron’s innovative mobile filtration systems, matched with our activated carbons, designed for excellent performance, provides a cost effective and sustainable treatment solution for biogas and biomethane.

Chemviron has pioneered the development of high-quality activated carbons for over 80 years. As the industry forerunner, Chemviron has developed expertise in providing solutions by leveraging its longstanding engineering expertise and industry experience.  This means that for biogas and biomethane upgrading, Chemviron’s technical services team can provide tailored solutions for customers’ problems.

Contact our dedicated technical services team to discuss potential treatment solutions.

Why is Activated Carbon the preferred technology?

Activated carbon has the strongest physical adsorption forces, or the highest volume of adsorbing porosity, of any material known to mankind. It can have a surface of greater than 1000m²/g, meaning 3g of activated carbon can have the surface area of a football field. This makes it an excellent treatment solution for upgrading biogas and biomethane. Use of chemically impregnated activated carbons can further enhance the removal capacity of specific pollutants.

Adsorption on Chemviron’s high quality activated carbons is an efficient and cost-effective solution for the removal of the contaminants from gaseous streams. Chemviron’s technology is reliable, safe, simple and has been proven over many years.

Mobile Carbon Filters

Our extensive fleet of mobile carbon adsorbers provides a fast and effective solution for treating these emissions at source. Once used, we replace the filter, removing the burden of exchange of the used activated carbon on-site. 

These filters, available on a lease basis, can be promptly employed for immediate use – see our CYCLEVENT® MACH Mobile Carbon Filters to find out more.

For advice on how we can help you and provide recommendations for the mobile filter and carbon appropriate to your site and specific situation, please contact us for technical advice and support. We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Our Dedicated Technical Team For More Information.