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Purification Solutions

Chemviron’s activated carbons are designed to be highly effective at removing pollutants, unwanted contaminants, by products or colour from air, gases, water, and liquid processes. Chemviron’s fleet of mobile carbon filters combined with these high-quality activated carbons, are widely used across a diverse range of applications and industries. The installed activated carbon can then usually be recycled by reactivation for reuse in the same or similar application.

Chemviron provides solutions for a wide range of purification and treatment challenges,
including but not limited to:

Clean & Safe Water Treatment

Persistent organic pollutants are a group of organic compounds that have toxic properties, persist in the environment, accumulate in food chains, and found in our drinking water sources.

Wastewater Purification

Industrial and municipal wastewaters can carry a variety of pollutants that can adversely change the ecology of rivers, streams, and lakes that they flow into and so can affect the safety and quality of surface or groundwaters.


Contaminated ground through historical industrial land use, underground storage tanks, or accidental spills may contain non-biodegradable organic chemicals such as PFAS, pesticides, and other harmful contaminants of emerging concern that can have an environmental impact.

Industrial Air Emissions

Many industrial, manufacturing or waste recycling sites can release VOCs, solvents, or odours such as Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) into the air from handling, transfer, and process operations.

Biogas & Biomethane Treatment

To have Biogas as an effective source of renewable energy production, it must first be treated to remove contaminants such as siloxanes and hydrogen sulphide (H2S).

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

The processing of specialty and liquid chemicals often require a purification stage to remove unwanted impurities from the product or off-specification batches. 

Gas Processing

Gas streams from different applications may contain unwanted contaminants that require removal before their use and activated carbon technology is a very effective technology for removing these contaminants.

Food & Beverage

Many food or beverage products incorporate a purification step to remove colour contaminants, taste and odour constituents generated in the process or the source water used to create the final product. 

Personal Air Protection

Selection of a suitable activated carbon base, with the addition of tailored impregnants, enables Chemviron to customise the activated carbons to meet specific performance requirements and standards.

Metal (Gold) Recovery

Activated carbon is recognised as one of the best technologies to recover certain metals such as precious metals from ore, waste, and reclaim streams.

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