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Purification of Drinking Water

Chemviron provides a complete range of services to remove pesticides, emerging contaminants and taste & odour forming compounds from drinking water using our proven activated carbon technology, customised reactivation service, with the additional benefit of our mobile carbon filter service.

Providing clean and safe drinking water is fundamental to life and activated carbon is one of the most effective technologies for the purification of water. Chemviron was an original pioneer in widely installing granular activated carbon in European drinking water treatment works for taste, odour and pesticide removal. The Chemviron range of FILTRASORB® activated carbons which can be effectively custom recycling by reactivation for reuse provides an effective sustainable treatment solution.

Activated Carbon Technology for the Purification of Drinking Water

Persistent organic pollutants are a group of organic compounds that have toxic properties, persist in the environment, accumulate in food chains, and found in our drinking water sources. These contaminants include pesticides, herbicides, disinfection by-products, micropollutants, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and PFAS. 

Granular activated carbon is the standard treatment for drinking water sourced from surface water and groundwater in Europe and is effectively operated in rapid gravity filters, pressure vessels, slow sand filters, and mobile carbon adsorbers. 

Activated carbon filtration may also be employed as a point-of-use or home water filter, for added local water purification needs in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Many industrial manufacturing processes also require clean and contaminant-free water and so activated carbon is applied for dechlorination or to remove unwanted contaminants. Activated carbon can also be used as an effective treatment for aquarium and fish tank or pond filters to reduce the organic content in the water. 

Since the early use of activated carbon for the purification of drinking water, Chemviron has been at the forefront with the development and manufacture of high-quality activated carbons. Chemviron works with many water utilities, engineering contractors, and authorities to ensure that they meet evolving drinking water standards. 


High-Performance Activated Carbon: FILTRASORB®

The high-performance FILTRASORB® granular activated carbons, developed and produced by Chemviron are the most widely used granular activated carbons for drinking water treatment in Europe and the United States. FILTRASORB® carbons are re-agglomerated activated carbons and so designed to provide the optimum pore structure for effective micropollutant removal with proven performance for a wide range of pesticides, trace organic compounds and PFAS. 

FILTRASORB® carbons are also designed for multiple reactivations so enabling a sustainable long-term use of this carbon technology. 

Powder activated carbons are also widely used in potable water production for seasonal or peak loads or where the flows do not warrant the installation of fixed bed granular activated carbon installation. Chemviron provides a complimentary range of powder carbons to address a wide range of water purification needs. 

Contact our dedicated technical services team to discuss potential treatment options and solutions and how we can help with current or future needs.


Why choose Chemviron as your Solutions Provider?

Chemviron is the world’s largest and most diverse producer of granular activated carbons that have been purifying air and water for over 80 years. Extensive expertise and a detailed understanding of customer requirements have enabled Chemviron to provide a complete purification and recycling (reactivation) service to help drinking water facilities meet demanding regulations. 

  • Provision of laboratory or pilot unit testing to determine the optimum operating conditions which often prove to be invaluable in determining the most efficient solution for the purification challenge.
  • The provision of a high-quality powder and granular activated carbons, such as FILTRASORB®, appropriate for the application and supplied by our Company.
  • Custom reactivation of the spent activated carbon in one of Chemviron’s dedicated recycling facilities enables its effective return and reuse at the same water works.
  • CYCLESORB® mobile carbon filters available on a lease basis for emergency needs, promptly delivered, and installed on-site, prefilled with activated carbon for immediate use. Used carbon units can then be replaced with fresh filters, removing the need for any site carbon exchange. 
  • Chemviron provides high levels of food safety assurance as our site in Feluy, Belgium is ISO 22000 accredited for Food Safety Management.

How is Chemviron Sustainable?

Chemviron is the world’s largest recycler (or reactivator) of activated carbons with dedicated potable/ food carbon reactivation facilities across Europe. The company’s continued commitment to expanding its reactivation capabilities has enabled Chemviron to develop state-of-the-art processes to recycle activated carbons, reducing the impact of our COfootprint.  

The spent activated carbon is thermally recycled or reactivated via one of Chemviron’s custom-designed carbon reactivation furnaces. These furnaces enable Chemviron’s team to have a high process control over the operations to ensure the destruction of the adsorbed contaminants, while restoring the spent carbon to a reusable state.

Combining reactivation with Chemviron’s high-performing activated carbons means that our customers can benefit from a cost-effective and sustainable purification solution.

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