Our People Make the Difference. We pride ourselves in working closely with our clients to keep treatment processes performing their best.

On-site Carbon and Media Exchange

The Field Services team has all the equipment and experienced personnel you need to make your on-site carbon and media exchange quick, clean and safe. Once spent carbon or media is removed from your site, it is handled and disposed of using methods that are environmentally friendly and in full regulatory compliance. Through the use of our reactivation facilities we “close the loop” on your carbon disposal, while minimizing the costs and delays you can experience by using multiple suppliers.

Chemviron provides total service and solution support for all of your air, water and chemical process units.

The Field Services team also offers equipment and experienced technical personnel to conduct pilot scale trials at customer sites utilizing the actual liquids or air/gas that are to be generated. From these trials, the treatment effectiveness is evaluated and appropriate full-scale system design is developed. Alternatively, Chemviron develops field trial protocols and provides appropriate products and pilot scale equipment to allow the client’s personnel to conduct these trials.