The Mission of Chemviron, the European Operation of Calgon Carbon Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kuraray, is to develop and apply technologies to protect people and the environment from contaminants in water, air, food and industrial processes, while developing and maintaining a highly motivated workforce that has a strong commitment to its customers, shareholders, and society.

Business Charter

Calgon Carbon Corporation is a worldwide organization whose business is to meet customers’ needs by providing high-quality, cost-effective products and services for purification, separation and concentration in the processing of liquids and gases.

In order to do this, the Company will:

  1. Maintain worldwide marketing, manufacturing, and technology leadership in the production, use, and recycling of activated carbon.
  2. Develop or acquire products or services which are complementary to its existing business and organization.
  3. Continue to develop the technology of its products and services to meet ever-changing customer needs.
  4. Stress quality and professionalism in all areas of its business, its people, its products and services, and its business conduct.
  5. Earn income which will support growth of its business and provide an above-average return to its shareholders.
  6. Expand the applicability of its technology to all appropriate markets, including commercial and consumer markets.