The quality of water can vary widely from area to area, and even from residence to residence. A point-of-use (POU) filter may be desired or required to remove unwanted taste, odor and contaminants from drinking water.

Commercial, industrial and residential buildings may also employ carbon filters at the point of entry (POE), to treat the water before it reaches the many end users.

Chemviron’s smanufacturing processes for the activated carbons used for POU/POE purification have been engineered to provide customers with consistent, high quality products. Chemviron offers a range of coconut based activated carbon products for POU/POE purification and is one of the only producers of coal-based carbons for POU/POE drinking water filters. While coconut based carbons are often used for taste and odor removal, these coal based products have innately better material handling properties allowing you to run faster and more efficiently along with the associated adsorption benefits of a reagglomerated coal product.