We have a range of CYCLEVENT® CV carbon filters designed to provide effective service solutions for different air or inert gas applications. These include the removal of VOC’S and odour from:

  • Air exhausts from industrial processes or dryer vents 
  • Vents from chemical production
  • Soil remediation processes
  • Vents from tank cleaning
  • Building vents in recycling or waste treatment plants

The key features of the CYCLEVENT® CV mobile carbon filters are that 

  • They are designed to treat low or localised air flow rates 
  • These CYCLEVENT® CV filters are ideal for internal or poor access locations as they can be moved around the site by a forklift. 
  • Several units may be used in parallel or in series to treat higher air flows or multiple exhaust vents
  • These mobile carbon filters are ideal for being able to quickly address emergency situations 
  • They can be used as pilot units to validate a particular treatment option where multiple or larger units may be the most effective solution
  • For higher pressure air treatment applications – see our CYCLEVENT® MACH 4S.

CYCLEVENT® CV Range Specification Summary

CYCLEVENT®Footprint Carbon Volume (m3)Max. Flow Rates (m3/hr)Max. Pressure (barg)
CV21.17 x 1.17 m900 kg or 2m3  Up to 2000 m3/hr0.1
CV31.72 x 1.72 m1350 kg or 3m3  Up to 3500 m3/hr0.1

For practical support in assessing the most appropriate carbon filter for your site and application, please contact our technical sales team who will be pleased to recommend for you, an optimal CYLEVENT® solution. 

Or for more detailed information on these CYCLEVENT® filters, please send us a request.

View our Range of CYCLEVENT® mobile carbon filters:

For exhaust air applications with a potential high carbon use rate or higher air flow rates, visit our CYCLEVENT® ENVIRO 18V page.

For the treatment of Biogas streams, visit our CYCLEVENT® MACH4 page.