FREE Webinar: A Sustainable Solution for PFAS Removal in Wastewater

Join us for a webinar designed for those seeking a sustainable solution for the removal and destruction of PFAS emitted from their wastewater discharges.


PFAS materials are highly persistent in the environment and are considered a danger to human health. PFAS emissions can occur via wastewater discharges. The European Union and Member States are already monitoring wastewater streams to detect PFAS, highlighting a trend of regulatory requirements to remove PFAS from wastewater and the environment.

´╗┐Moreover, the need for businesses to focus on their environmental impact has never been so apparent and as companies embrace sustainability, it is vital to integrate such eco-friendly factors into their selection process for suppliers.

But how can companies ensure their solution for PFAS removal from wastewater is sustainable?

Our webinar will explain how our activated carbons are a sustainable solution to remove PFAS from wastewater discharges. We base our solutions on recycling activated carbon for the removal and destruction of contaminants, including PFAS, through thermal reactivation. Our technical team will provide the details of this process and how we can help resolve the issue of PFAS removal.

The webinar is part of a series of webinars covering sustainability-related topics. Make sure to follow our LinkedIn page for future updates.