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Activated Carbon

As a leading producer of activated carbons based on coal, coconut, wood, or cloth, Chemviron can ensure a secure product supply and select and provide the best product and solution for your application.

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Recycling of Activated Carbon

With carbon reactivation centres strategically located across Europe, Chemviron recycles spent or used activated carbons for our customers, destroying the adsorbed contaminants and restoring them to a reusable state, ensuring that our customers benefit from a sustainable purification solution.

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Mobile Carbon Filters

To ensure that purification with activated carbons is easy, Chemviron provide a mobile carbon filter service for on-site installation of carbon adsorbers for air, biogas, water, liquid chemical and food grade product treatments.

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Technical Specialists

Our team of experienced engineers provide practical application support to enable the most appropriate solution to be applied to the treatment process.

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Filter Aids

As Europe’s leading producer of filter aids, supported by extensive expertise gained over several decades, Chemviron provides diatomaceous earth and perlite products across a diverse range of applications.

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