In pure form, activated carbon “adsorbs” or removes contaminants by attracting and binding the undesirable molecules to the carbon surface. To enhance the performance of activated carbon, the material can be “impregnated” with a variety of chemical compounds or metals. These impregnates will chemically neutralize hazardous contaminants creating a safe, non-toxic environment. The individual and combined benefits of activated carbon and impregnates result in a material with unmatched performance characteristics critical for respiratory protection.

Chemviron’s activated carbon products for personal protection are tailored to remove harmful industrial contaminants and are widely used in respiratory protective equipment to safeguard millions of respirator users, ranging from industrial workers to the war fighter. We have an extensive portfolio of activated carbon products to protect against a variety of contaminants, including NIOSH gases, chemical warfare agents, and other toxic industrial chemicals.

Chemviron’s advanced research and development capabilities continue to provide value-added solutions to the challenging problems and applications that are faced by customers around the world. Our exhaustive carbon database, predictive modeling tools, and in-house performance testing allow Chemviron to quickly identify the most cost-effective solution to meet customers’ specific needs.

Chemviron is the leading producer of high quality grades of activated carbons used in individual and collective protection, whether in warfare or on industrial sites, all over the world.

Chemviron offers a wide range of products for personal and collective protection. Applications include industrial respirators, military respirators, building protection and nuisance. We are known for the ability to be flexible and develop a product for specific needs.

Nuclear industry

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of granular activated carbons Chemviron is able to supply a range of activated carbons that will meet all known Nuclear Authority specifications throughout the world. Materials can be made to specific requirements and certification of their quality guaranteed.

All of the NUCLEARCARB® range are proven as successful carbons in the different systems used throughout the nuclear industry. This is because the NUCLEARCARB® range are high quality, cost effective, and reliable carbons that offer a proven safety record in radioactive gas containment. These inherent properties of our carbons provide customers with the performance they expect from one of the world's leading activated carbon suppliers.

Respirator / Human Protection

Chemviron is the leading producer of high quality grades of activated carbons used in individual and collective protection whether in warfare or on industrial sites all over the world.

Protection against toxic gases is one of the oldest applications of granular activated carbon. When chlorine and phosgene were used in World War I as military gases, masks and respirators containing activated carbon were developed to counter this threat.

Today, the number of the chemical agents used in warfare and industrial sites has dramatically increased and become more sophisticated. Chemviron is continuously developing new products to address this threat.

In recent years, Chemviron has pioneered the development of chromium-fee alternatives to traditional chromium-impregnated carbons, used in a variety of respirator applications.  This follows the classification of hexavalent chromium (Cr VI) compounds as category I or II CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or Reproductive) toxicants, according the European REACH legislation (EC Regulation No. 1907/2006).  Chemviron has ceased the manufacture of chromium-containing products throughout its European operations.

Granular activated carbon

Activated carbons, available as non-impregnated and impregnated, provide protection against most airborne contaminants, NIOSH gases, organic vapors, acid gases, basic gases and a variety of other harmful gases.